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Our Fees

As with any reputable firm, we base our fees on the amount of time that we spend with our clients.

"The Connelly & Assoc. Fundraising Difference"

I often compete with large national consulting firms, and I have been successful since founding my own company in 2004 because many clients realize that they do not just hire a firm, they truly hire the consultant who will be directly conducting their Campaign Feasibility & Planning Study, Capital Campaign, Development/Fundraising Audit, or Fundraising Staff Search.  Since I work directly with my clients, they receive the full value of my passion, knowledge of the local area, and over 30 years of personal fundraising experience, including over 20 years as a successful Campaign consultant in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Over the years, I have recognized some important differences between myself and many of my competitors:

  • I tend to be more "hands on," doing whatever it takes and fully involving myself with my clients.
  • I routinely exceed expectations.  I always do far more than is expected.  My passion, commitment, and drive are unmatched.  Please feel free to ask my former clients.
  • I am honest with my clients, telling them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.
  • I "keep in touch" long after my formal contract has ended.
  • I have been selected by my peers to fill key volunteer leadership positions over a long period of time with many of the principal organizations for professional fundraisers: AHP, AFP-MD, CPGC, and APRA-MD.

Campaign Feasibility & Planning Studies and Capital Campaigns

Unlike some large national firms, I can guarantee that I will be your assigned Campaign Director if you choose to hire my firm, for both the Campaign Feasibility & Planning Study and the Campaign.  Having the same experienced consultant who conducts the interviews also work on the actual Campaign ensures that the relationships and knowledge that they acquired conducting the Study are readily available during the Campaign.

I use the best of "traditional methods," along with other innovative strategies that I have developed. Most of the methods that I use to conduct Studies and Campaigns are similar to what most of the large national firms do, but I have strived over the years to find the best possible way to complete the task, and I have developed strategies that I feel make a significant difference.

As I believe that it is best if one individual conducts all of the interviews to both provide continuity and enable the interviewer to grow in their awareness and knowledge of the organization, I always conduct all of the Campaign Feasibility & Planning Study interviews myself.  Some large national firms will have one or more of their senior executives conduct the Study interviews with a few of your very top prospects and board members, with the majority of the Study interviews usually conducted by a staff member with far less experience.  I have personally conducted over 1,500 Campaign Planning Study interviews.

Development/Fundraising Audits

As with Campaign Feasibility & Planning Studies, I always conduct all of the Development/Fundraising Audit interviews myself.  If counsel is needed following the Development/Fundraising Audit, I am available to provide that as well.

Fundraising Staff Search

After many years of assisting pro-bono with countless Fundraising Staff Searches, I made the decision to add formal Fundraising Staff Search services, primarily because I felt that an experienced local Fundraiser with extensive contacts and connections in the community would do a much better job than many of the firms currently offering these services.

Working in the Maryland and Washington, DC nonprofit community since the late 1980's and serving in leadership positions with some of the principal organizations for professional fundraisers, I personally know more Fundraisers in Maryland and Washington, DC than almost anyone else, enabling me to offer Fundraising Staff Search services that are both more effective and faster.

No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.
- Calvin Coolidge