Connelly & Assoc. Fundraising Of Counsel Services

Building on our success offering capital campaigns, development/fundraising audits, and fundraising staff search, Connelly & Assoc. Fundraising now offers the services of well-known industry leaders who are available for limited client engagements in their specific areas of expertise.

Rebecca Rothey, CFRE, CAP®, AEP®, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Greater Washington Community Foundation; of counsel with Connelly & Assoc. Fundraising

Rebecca's focus is on planned giving strategy development, external and internal marketing, donor solicitation and stewardship, and systems administration as well as on understanding, working with, and engaging professional advisors.

One of Rebecca's recent webinars - "Gift Planning Basics & Working With Professional Advisors"
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Naisha Vinson, Assistant Vice President, Philanthropy and Grants at MedStar Health; of counsel with Connelly & Assoc. Fundraising

Naisha's focus is on strategy based philanthropic engagement - How strategic engagement can transform philanthropic partnerships; forgoing transactional events for more meaningful interactions in order to build lasting relationships across your organization.



One of Naisha's recent webinars - "Philanthropy in Action - A gratitude focused model"
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Deacon Curtis Turner, Ed.D., President, St. Frances Academy; of counsel with Connelly & Assoc. Fundraising







Melissa A. D'Adamo, Associate Head of School & Vice President for Mission Advancement, St. Frances Academy; of counsel with Connelly & Assoc. Fundraising

Melissa & Curtis will focus on diversity, equity, access and inclusion, and the perfect "marriage" between the President/CEO/ED and your Chief Advancement Officer/Director of Development.

Melissa & Curtis will work as a team

Donors don't give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe.
- G.T. Smith